The following cartoons were found in the Old Testament, but only about 15% of them are in the New Testament, and most are considered to be among the worst.1 In the Old testament, some of the most vile cartoons are found in Exodus, Deuteronomy, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomist.2 The following five cartoons are among the sickest of the Bible.3 The Bible contains more cartoons in its Old Testament than any other book.4 There are more sick cartoons in Bible than in any other volume.5 There are over 3,000 sick cartoons that make up the Old and New Testaments.6 This section of the website has information about the Bible’s sickest cartoons.7 The following cartoon is an example of the sickness of the Old Bible.8 The following is a list of all the cartoons in Old Testament that make it onto the Old-Testament Bible.1 This cartoon is a case study on the sick nature of the New Testament.2 In the Bible, there are over 50,000 instances of the word ‘sin’ in the first ten verses.3 This cartoon shows a man with a long beard.4 The Bible’s most sick cartoons are a combination of the following:1) God, who has an angry face and a beard, is portrayed with a short beard, while Jesus is depicted with a full beard.2) God and Satan are portrayed as being on the same level.3) The Bible portrays God as a man, and Satan as a woman.4) The book of Revelation is filled with sick cartoon scenes.5) God is portrayed as a person who does not understand himself.6) God speaks from a very high throne.7) God appears to be a drunkard.8) God makes Satan appear to be drunk.9) God does not like to be called a ‘God’ by anyone.10) God looks like a drunk.11) God has a big head.12) God talks in a voice that sounds like a man.13) God says, ‘You must obey God.’14) God turns on a dime and then walks away.15) God eats a camel.16) God tells a person, ‘I am the God of the Hebrews and the Lord of Israel.’17) God asks, ‘Who are you?’18) God gives the people a gift, and then says,’Go to your own homes.’19) God takes away a person’s property.20) God kills a dog and a donkey.21) God’s servants are in chains.22) God uses a camel to get to a person.23) God sends an army to kill the prophet Jonah.24) God goes to the house of the prophet Jeremiah and asks him, ‘What are you doing?’25) God orders a man to die and then orders the next man to eat his own son.26) God instructs God’s children to behead their enemies.27) God puts the sword of Aaron on the head of a person and says, “Take this to the king.”28) God commands a man who has lost his eyesight to kill his wife and daughter.29) God creates a lake of fire.30) God cuts off a child’s head.31) God comes to the village of Shechem and asks the people, ‘Where are the men who fought in the Battle of the Ten Philistines?’32) God causes the blood of the righteous to boil in the lake of boiling water.33) God curses the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah for not believing in him.34) God brings a fire to the temple of the LORD in the city of Samaria and burns it to ashes.35) God summons a demon to kill a man and to curse him for not keeping his promise to God.36) God gets drunk and says: ‘I have a new idea, and it is the best idea.’37) God calls a woman into the house and says to her, ‘Do you know how many children you have?’38) God reveals the secrets of the universe to Satan.39) God shows a woman a vision.40) God lets Satan go.41) God throws a stone at a man that he cannot catch.42) God unleashes a monster on the earth.43) God leads his servants in battle.44) God smashes a man’s skull with a wooden stick.45) God flies into the sky and smashes into the earth, leaving behind a large mound of dirt.46) God raises the dead and shows them the land of Egypt.47) God sets up a ladder and then flies up to the top of the ladder.48) God laughs and says ‘Do not be afraid, I have come to kill you.’49) God teaches the people to kill their own parents and then they laugh.50) God walks on water.51) God