Amazon has announced that it is now printing the book “The Book of Lino” by Lino D’Alessandro, a French author and publisher who was born in Rome.

“We are thrilled to announce the printing of ‘The Book Of Lino’ in French,” the company said on Twitter.

The book will be available in its new, Spanish language edition from May.

“The book of Linos’ work is an incredible document of the history of the Italian Renaissance, from its birth in the town of L√≥zaro to its final flowering at the end of the nineteenth century,” Amazon said in a statement.

“His work provides a window into the Italian mind and society and the way that the Renaissance influenced all aspects of our lives.”

The book, written in 1492, is a collection of essays about Lino, a renowned Renaissance poet, painter and philosopher who lived in Florence.

The story, which has been published in five editions, is told through his eyes and voice, and the characters speak in a style that echoes his own voice.

Lino’s first book, “The Song of Lido,” was published in 1369.

His last book, The Book of the Golden Fleece, was published 1597.

“I hope that the book will inspire people to read and share Lino and his amazing works, to read them with others, to hear them from other parts of the world, to be inspired by them,” Lino said in his introduction to “The Story of Linoceros.”