has released a new, limited edition canvas print of its cat pawprint, the iconic print that has become the focal point of the animal rights movement.

The print, which costs $39.99, features a print on the back of the case featuring a cheetahs paw print.

It’s the first time the company has released the pawprint print, as a limited edition, and the first to be released to the public.

The pawprint was designed by artist Peter Njegoorn and features paw prints from cats, and a cat paw on the front of the print.

The pawprint is made from a black pigment, which is used to create prints that are durable, water-resistant, and weather-resistant.

The design for the print was inspired by the “paws of the world,” as well as a painting of a cat with its paws.

The painting depicts the cat paw as it is being scratched by a claw and the word “Paws” written in black ink.