By now you’ve probably heard about the HP PrintHub 3.x printer support for HP ProDesk and other HP printers.

While it may not be available for the majority of customers yet, we can now say that HP has released support for the HP printers using the HPPrintHub 3 software.

It works with HP’s desktop and business printers, and includes HP Printhub 3.3 for use with HP printers that support it.

The HP PrintCenter 3.5 and HP PrintPlus 3.2 printers support the HP printer firmware that was released with the printer.

It’s available to download from the HP website for the desktop and server printer classes.

You can also get the PrintHub software from HP’s website for HP printers, but it doesn’t have any support for printing with other printers.

For more details on how to install the HP print hub 3.1 software, check out our previous HP blog post.