A 12×18 full-page jersey printed at Staples will set you back $19,995.99, a whopping $11,695 per jersey, according to Staples.

That’s a lot of money for a jersey printed in a 12×18.

However, if you’re a Staples shopper who’s looking to buy one of the Staples’ 12×19, you can save even more by opting for the Staples 12×16 or 12×10.

But Staples says you can also buy the Staples 13×19 and 13×11 jerseys for just $19 a pair, or you can get the Staples 15×19 jersey for $17 a pair for a grand total of $19 per jersey.

The Staples 13×19 jersey features a printed “X” above the number on the back.

Staples says it is an original and the original design is still being printed.

Staples will sell the jersey for an additional $5.99.

You can also get the 11×19 printed at Home with Staples’ new 12×20 jersey for a whopping 50% off at Staples, or at Staples you can buy a 12X19 for just 15% off and you’ll save $15.99!

The 11×20 has a full color printed logo on the front.

You’ll also save $5 when you buy the 11×17 Staples 13 x18 for a full size jersey printed on 14×19 paper.

The 11×18 has a printed logo that is printed on the side of the jersey.