A lot of people are obsessed with paper towels, especially if they’re trying to sell their products or get a client to sign up for a service.

You can make the best of a bad situation, though.

Here’s how to print your logo on your own towels.


Make sure the paper towel you’re printing is a nice, thick, smooth piece of paper.


Make a list of things you want printed on the towel.


If you’re using the cheapest paper towels on sale, it might be a good idea to cut your list of items, then fill in the blanks with the prices for other paper towels.


Now print out a piece of your favorite poster.


Print out the logo on the paper, then cut out the image and attach it to the paper.


When you’re done, hang your towel up to dry.


When the towel is dry, you’ll have a beautifully printed logo on paper.


Use this to sell your towels or to use as a poster for your own businesses.


You might want to get a copy of The Art of the Deal for your business.

It’s the best book on paper towels ever.