The NFL, which last week revealed plans to end the league’s contract with third-party printers, is looking to change the face of printmaking at retail stores with the arrival of the Walmart canvas print.

The company announced the Walmart Camo Print in April and has launched three versions, the $30 Camo print, the more expensive $60 Camo, and the $99 Camo.

Walmart said the Camo is a high-quality printing process that can be printed on high-end materials and features a proprietary material that’s a blend of water, ink, and glue that can bond the printed material to the jersey.

“The Walmart Camos are designed to be the perfect canvas for your most iconic jersey, and they can be used for a wide range of applications including printing on leather, rubber, vinyl, fabric, and more,” Walmart said in a statement.

“Customers will be able to customize their own customized Walmart CamoS to fit their personal needs.”

The Walmart camo print will also come in a variety of colors, and each one will be unique to each store.

Walmart is selling the Walmart camos at select locations throughout the U.S. Walmart Camozos are expected to arrive on store shelves in mid-August, with Walmart announcing the Walmart Crop Camo will arrive in the first quarter of 2019.

The Walmart Cane print is expected to ship in mid to late 2018.

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