By now you’ve probably heard about the controversy surrounding the controversial new GTA V mod.

While some people have voiced their concerns about the game’s graphics, others have claimed it’s a terrible way to make a game.

It’s also made people speculate about the next instalment of the franchise.

And now, thanks to the work of a developer, we know which games are coming out next.

We know GTA 5 is coming to PC in 2018, and that the game will be playable on PC as well.

But what if we told you that we’ve heard about other games that will be coming out later in the year?

Well, we’re not just talking about the GTA 5 and Grand Theft Auto V mods, but also other games based on other GTA franchises.

What if we said the next big-budget GTA game was coming out in 2019?

Let’s dive in.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is already out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and we’ve got a great deal of information on the games that are coming this year.

If you’re looking to catch up on the series and get your GTA fix, this is the perfect time to start.

Here’s a breakdown of the GTA series games:Grand Theft Automv1: Grand Theft Manual2: Grand GTA IV3: Grand Grand Theft Motorsport4: Grand Street Racer5: Grand Streets of Rage6: Grand Vice7: Grand The Rock8: Grand Turismo9: Grand-The-Rock10: Grand Sport11: Grand Race12: Grand Sports13: Grand Rivals14: Grand Thunder15: Grand Outlaws16: Grand Touring18: Grand Championship19: Grand Challenge20: Grand Cup21: Grand Tournament22: Grand Slam23: Grand Rally24: Grand Racing25: Grand Track26: Grand Drift27: Grand Drag28: Grand Dirt29: Grand Off Road30: Grand Truck31: Grand Air31: Hot Pursuit32: Hot Shots Golf33: Hot Wheels34: Hot Rod35: Hot Tub 36: Hotline Miami37: The Adventures of Pangolin38: The Secret of Monkey Island39: The Return of the King40: The Last of Us41: GTA II: The Complete First Edition42: GTA III: The Ultimate Edition43: GTA IV: The Lost and Damned44: Grand Prix: San Andreas45: Grand Stunt Rally46: Grand Bikers: Extreme Racing47: Grand Speed Racer48: Grand Surfer49: Grand Battle: Los Santos50: Grand Hot Rod51: Grand Tractor 52: Grand Wreckers53: Grand Paintball54: Grand Tennis55: Grand Scrabble56: Grand Bowling57: Grand Baseball 58: Grand Rugby59: Grand Golf60: Grand Soccer 61: Grand Hockey 62: Grand Wrestling63: Grand Roller Derby64: Grand Basketball65: Grand Skiing66: Grand Moto67: Grand Racers 68: Grand Paddleboarding69: Grand Fling70: Grand RoadBlazers: Overwatch: The Flash: The Titans: Guardians of the Galaxy: Guardians Vol 2: The Avengers: The Infinity War: Avengers: Infinity War Part 1: Captain America: Civil War: Guardians: Infinity Storm: Avengers 3: Avengers 2: Guardians 1: Black Panther: Avengers 0: Captain Marvel: Guardians 0: Avengers 1: Avengers 4: Captain Spider: Avengers 7: Avengers 8: Guardians 9: Avengers 10: Avengers 11: Guardians 12: Avengers 13: Guardians 14: Avengers 15: Avengers 16: Guardians 17: Avengers 18: Guardians 19: Avengers 20: Avengers 21: Avengers 22: Avengers 23: Avengers 24: Avengers 25: Avengers 26: Avengers 27: Avengers 28: Avengers 29: Avengers 30: Avengers 31: Avengers 32: Avengers 33: Avengers 34: Avengers 35: Avengers 36: Avengers 37: Avengers 38: Avengers 39: Avengers 40: Avengers 41: Avengers 42: Avengers 43: Avengers 44: Avengers 45: Avengers 46: Avengers 47: Avengers 48: Avengers 49: Avengers 50: Avengers 51: Avengers 52: Avengers 53: Avengers 54: Avengers 55: Avengers 56: Avengers 57: Avengers 58: Avengers 59: Avengers 60: Avengers 61: Avengers 62: Avengers 63: Avengers 64: Avengers 65: Avengers 66: Avengers 67: Avengers 68: Avengers 69: Avengers 70: Avengers 71: Avengers 72: Avengers 73: Avengers 74: Avengers 75: Avengers 76: Avengers 77: Avengers 78: Avengers 79: Avengers 80: Avengers 81: Avengers 82: Avengers 83: Avengers 84: Avengers 85: Avengers 86: Avengers 87: Avengers 88: Avengers 89: Avengers 90: Avengers 91: Avengers 92: Avengers 93: Avengers 94: Avengers 95: Avengers 96: Avengers 97: Avengers 98: Avengers 99: Avengers 100: Avengers 101: Avengers 102: Avengers 103: Avengers 104: Avengers 105: Avengers 106: Avengers 107: Avengers 108: Avengers 109: Avengers 110: Avengers 111: Avengers 112: Avengers 113: Avengers 114: