In an attempt to defend its decision to run the video of Donald Trump’s comments on the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., Fox News on Monday aired a video of a video clip of the GOP presidential nominee talking about Martin Luther at a rally in Florida.

The clip, which was produced by the conservative watchdog group Media Matters, showed Trump saying: ‘I think it was Martin Luther who said, ‘This country is run by racists and anti-Semites.’

And that was a pretty good summary of the entire country.’

I think we’ve done a pretty bad job of protecting our citizens and we’ve let a lot of bad people in the country.

And I think that it’s a terrible thing to do.’

Now I think there is some sort of, you know, this is an important issue and I think it’s important to understand, it’s an important question.

And it’s one that we’re going to have to get to the bottom of, and it’s going to be very difficult.’

Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller said the candidate did not think the clip was a bad summary of King’s words, but that it ‘could have been much worse.’

Miller told reporters that Trump had been advised to ‘take a look at that clip’ after it appeared on the network.’

We had not made any judgment about it, but we did have a conversation with the campaign, and we looked at the video and we saw the clip and we had an evaluation that it was a bit more in line with what Martin said,’ Miller said.

Trump’s comments were met with a storm of criticism from civil rights leaders and Democrats.

‘We’re not saying Donald Trump is racist,’ Democratic National Committee spokesman Brad Woodhouse said on ABC’s ‘This Week’ Sunday, adding that ‘I mean, he said it.’

But Trump has a history of controversial comments.

In May, he called President Barack Obama a ‘son of a bitch’ and said that the United States should have assassinated Osama bin Laden when he was still alive.

In 2014, he told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that his opponents were ‘losing’ the election because they were not ‘the real patriots’ and were being ‘rigged’ by the Democrats.

Trump, who was also a presidential candidate in 2016, later apologized to African-Americans for his comments and told Fox & Friends that he regrets them.

He also had to apologize to African Americans for saying that he ‘was never going to give up my Black America’ during a January 2016 interview with The Washington Post.’

What I was saying was that the African American community is much more violent, much more aggressive than the White community,’ Trump said.

‘I was saying, ‘I am going to beat you up, and I’m going to break your arms.

I’m not going to let you walk away from it.

You have to go.

You’ve got to go, you’ve got a long way to go.’