A 3D printer is a cheap and powerful tool for creating artworks, but it can also be used to create a wall art or sculpture, or even a customised wall decoration.

And if you’ve been looking for a way to print your own wall art, now you can thanks to a recent DIY article by an artist named Jason Voss.

Jason Voss made the wall art prints, which look exactly like the ones you see on the walls of your house, using his 3D-printed ink refill.

“I started using 3D printers for wall art in 2008,” Jason said.

“I have 3D prints of my house in a gallery in my living room, and they’re all digital, so I use my own printer to print them.

In 2010, I bought an older, cheaper model of the 3D Printer from Staples for $99, and I started printing my own wall prints using that.

I started getting some really good results, and over the years, I have a lot of wall prints that are really well done.”

Ive also built a few wall sculptures using my 3D printing technique, which can also come in handy when designing a custom wall decoration, like a custom mural, sculpture or a mural on a house.

Jason said that if you are looking for more ways to make a 3d printed wall decoration that you can share with friends and family, then you should check out his website, where you can learn more about his methods, or download the free online 3D printable wallpaper book.