The print shop I work at prints out inkjet printer prints, not prints in ink.

But I still like to make prints.

I’ve made prints out of cardboard, glass, and paper.

I like to get the colors just right, and to try and get the shapes just right.

If you have a large collection of inkjet prints, or you just have a love for prints, I hope this post will help you make prints out your favorite things.

I’m hoping this post gives you a lot of ideas, and will help with the next step of your Inkjet Print Fabric Making journey.

If I’ve given you a good tip, let me know in the comments below.

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How to make cat paw print fabric for an inkjet printing printer: 1.

Find a fabric shop that makes inkjet print fabrics.


Get a cat paw printer.


Put your fabric in the cat paw fabric printer.


After printing, carefully remove the fabric from the cat print printer.


Use the cat paws fabric to create your print out.

(This will take about two to three hours, depending on your printer.)


You will need to be able to make your prints out with your hand.

(There is an ink pressure gauge on the back of the printer, so make sure it’s calibrated correctly.)


It will be very difficult to print out with the cat prints, but if you are able to print them out in a regular, regular size, you will have a nice print out for your office.