I have an interest in small printed graph paper.

But I don’t always need the type that is so big you have to pull the whole thing out.

Instead, I like to use a medium sized piece of graph paper that I can get to a good point without pulling it out and sticking it to my penis.

I have found a nice, inexpensive and sturdy graph paper at Staples that is good for making a very simple paperclip.

To print your erection on this graph paper, you will need the following: A graph paper paper.

You can use a regular, thick paper, or you can print your erect penis from a graph piece of paper.

I use the graph paper I bought at Staples for this purpose.

It is a cheap, durable paper that is about 3 inches wide by 6 inches tall and is about 4 inches thick.

It has a paper clip that you will fold the top half up and then place the bottom half back in.

When I am ready to print my erection, I fold the bottom part of the paper clip down over the top, so that the whole length of the graph piece is inside the paperclip when it is folded.

You will then place a pen into the papercap to hold the pen in place while it is being printed.

You may need to trim the pen off to make the pen more secure.

Once your pen is fully in place, print your outline onto your paperclip with a ruler.

You do not want the outline to be too big.

This can be done by using a ruler as I have done in this video.

Once the outline is on your papercap, you can take the pen out of the pen and use a ruler to mark the outline on the graph.

This is also where you will find the size of the erect penis.

The chart should be on the right side of the chart, so the pen can be positioned exactly where you want it to be.

Place the pen back into the pen, and you are done!

It will fit snugly into the graph and you can see that your erection is visible when you are finished printing. 

How to print erect penis on graph paper The pen can also be printed onto a ruler for your viewing pleasure.

For viewing purposes, it will also make a great marker for the length of your penis.

The pen can print on graph sheet that you can cut out and put into a container, or it can be printed with a pen on a piece of sheet that is placed on top of a ruler and then attached to a piece the ruler is mounted on.

The ruler can be easily removed to show you how big your pen was when it was printed.

This is another way to show your penis to others.

You might want to use it to help with erectile dysfunction treatment or to keep it in your collection for future reference.

It is also a great way to share your erect pen erection with your friends and family members.

If you would like to get a printable version of your erect erect penis, you should purchase a graph printer.