Bollywood star Anushka Sharma is to make her first print of the miniature photo printer, which has been developed by the Indian Wildlife Department.

The company, called ElephantPrints, is based in the U.K. and is currently making about 5,000 miniature photos of elephants in India.

It plans to expand to make 3,000.

It has developed a printable 3D printer that can print images in about 20 seconds and will soon start making its first print.

The company says the printers are made with a special polycarbonate material that is stronger than ABS, which is the standard material used in other printers.

The printer has a built-in power supply, so it can print at up to 20 times its normal speed.

Sharma, whose last name is the same as the famous elephant in Bollywood, will make the first print on an elephant.

She said the printing process has been a big hit with her fans.

The elephant in question is a bull elephant, which was rescued in Uttar Pradesh and is the pride of the city of Ayodhya, India’s most important Hindu holy city.

It was shot to death by a farmer in a crowded marketplace.

Sharma’s fans were very upset about the incident.

She has written a book on the incident, and her film Anuja, about the rescue, was released in December.

Shavity has said she has never done anything illegal in the past, but she has come under criticism from animal rights activists in the country because of her image as a hero.

She will be the first celebrity to print a printed image of an elephant in the world.