A new pen company in New Zealand has announced it is selling inkjet printers for $50 and $70, and also a digital version for $15.

The new company, InkJet, says it’s selling ink in inkjet cartridges for $25 each.

It’s a “low-cost inkjet inkjet machine” that you can buy online for $45, but you’ll need to wait a little while before it ships to you.

InkJet has launched a Kickstarter campaign, where it is offering a $5,000 reward to anyone who can get an ink machine working in three days.

The company’s website says the inkjet is capable of producing a “high-resolution, low-quality print with maximum ink efficiency.” 

Inkjet also has a printable PDF of the design and instructions for the printer.

You can use the ink on paper, a pen, or a screen.

The Penhub inkjet has a price tag of $400, but the company has posted a video showing you how to build a printer.

InkJet is not selling the ink itself, so you’ll have to buy a converter.

I’m sure you can imagine that it’s a pretty compelling idea. 

You can find the Penhub Inkjet here on Kickstarter, and the printer itself for $150.