By Ben ThompsonThe bushman is known to hunt in the forests and in the hills and mountains, but his favorite hobby is photography.

He loves taking photos of animals and plants, and his passion is to document his adventures.

But when he’s out on a hunt, he is no different from anyone else.

“My main passion is wildlife photography, and I do it for the love of it,” he said.

I love photographing wildlife, and as you can see from my portfolio, I have taken quite a few photographs in South African national parks.

My main focus is to capture the majesty of nature, and that is what I love to do.

In the wild though, there is something about capturing the thrill of the hunt that excites me.

A large part of what drives me to take photos of the wild is that it’s a great opportunity to experience the incredible sights and sounds of the bush and of the people and wildlife around us.

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