New York City’s $1.4 million Lexmark scanner printer will be put through its paces in New York.

The printer will use a new 3D scanner developed by the company, which has been using the same one for years.

It will be the first new 3d printer to test at a US printer show.

The $100 million Lexmarks new 3-D printer was unveiled on Friday at the annual show of the Association for Computing Machinery.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and Mayor de Blasio’s chief technology officer Mark Dolan took the stage to unveil the printer and the technology behind it.

The first print will be in a public space, and there will be a public viewing for the public.

Lexmark said the printer is “one of the fastest 3-d printers in the world, with an ultrafast print speed.”

It uses a printer called Lexmark’s Flex3D, which is designed to print 3D objects at ultra high speed.

The Lexmark Flex3DS is able to print a single sheet of material in just a few seconds.

Its design has been optimized for speed and speed of print.

Lexmarks team said the Flex3ds print a material on a specific pattern at very high speeds.

“It’s basically printing a paper piece in a few inches of space,” Lexmark co-founder John Leshin told reporters.

The company’s printer is not the only new 3ds printer to make its debut at the show.

Other companies will be taking to the show floor for the first time to showcase their technology.

There will be 3D printing demonstrations of a new printer called iPrint, the first 3d printing device to reach the market, which will be used to print items in a range of materials, including plastics and metals.

The iPrint will be demonstrated at the Maker Faire, a trade show that has been taking place since July for the past two years.

Maker Faires are a way to bring technology to the public for the masses to see and discuss.

“Maker Faires, in general, are a great place to showcase the newest technology,” says Leshins co-creator, Steve Nissen.

Makerfaires typically focus on high-tech products and have high attendance.

The Maker Fairs are also the last event for Maker Firms to test and show off their products before they go on sale.

MakerFaire founder Matt Groening said MakerFaires are the last place where you can test your new technology before it’s sold.

MakerMakers, the maker of the Makerfaire printers, is also showing off a new product called the MakerBot Replicator 2, which it said is the first commercial 3D printer to use a flexible, laser-cut metal filament.

The Replicator is a “high-performance” 3D Printer, Groening told reporters on Friday.

MakerMaker is a company that builds industrial robots for companies such as Maker Fares, including a printer used to create the Makerbot Replicator.

The printers are sold by the Maker Maker network, a group of companies that make 3D printers, with each one designed to deliver products at a certain price point.